I often walked along the famous road leading to the Monkey Forest. The forest is a lush oasis where monkeys lived without cages and tourists visited in droves. Visitors came to observe them, photograph them and to feed them.

But one day I saw monkeys adventure out of the forest in droves, flocking in front of stores, on roof tops and walking like tight rope walkers overhead. They outnumbered people.

Stopping to take a photo of an adult monkey resting outside a store, I realized that he was poised to sightsee the humans and their behaviors. Rather than discomfort or fear, I saw smiles and expressions of wonder from tourists and locals. I also felt a respect for the monkeys’ right to do this.

It got me thinking whether this was a glimpse of what takes place every day in the late afternoon - perhaps in search of food when fewer people were in the forest? 

What role reversals have you come across while you travel?